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Just in case, be prepared with a backup and see in any situation!
Discreet and credit card sized to fit in your wallet!
Works well with glasses for extra magnification!
Lets you see in the dark!


The Most Advanced Credit Card Lighted Magnifier Made!

• Extra wide magnifying viewing pane
• Superior 4x, ultra-clear, fresnel lens magnification
• Longer lasting battery
• A subtle pale yellow color for discreet use.
• Easy-on light switch that is enlarged and simple to depress (Arthritis Approved!)
• Extremely lightweight for easy transport – Only ounces!
• Dura-bright Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology provides an intense beam of focused white light in front of the magnifying card. You will never need to replace a bulb on your lighted magnifier!
• FREE: Lens protecting plastic sleeve with every magnifier!

“I just don’t leave home without my spare specs card, it fits nicely inside my wallet!”
– Arthur Sousa, President of Bristol Eggs, Rhode Island
“The credit card magnifier is so small and lightweight that I didn’t even realize I had it with me until I needed it.”
– Katie Wolf, Elementary School Teacher, Massachusetts

Our List Of Satisfied Customers Keeps Growing!

“There were no street lights, no moonlight and it was extremely dark, it’s a good thing I keep a spare specs with me at all times!”
- Jennifer Brennan

New York

I forgot my glasses and was embarrassed that I couldn’t read the dinner menu. Thanks to my magnifying card I was saved.”
- John Chapman


“Without your credit card magnifier, I would not have been able to read my prescription after my glasses broke. Thank you Spare Spectacles!”
- Mairead Horgan

London, England

“…a card I would never leave home without.”
- Mike Brophy


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